Hyslop Appeals to Scotrail in Bad Weather Conditions

Monday, December 20th 2010

SNP MSP for Lothians Fiona Hyslop has appealed to ScotRail in order to raise her concerns about communication issues for constituents when commuting in and out of West Lothian.

Recent bad weather conditions have left constituents in West Lothian unable to access accurate information from the ScotRail website. Ms Hyslop, who has personally been stuck at Linlithgow station with her constituents, is calling on ScotRail to improve communications for commuters.

Ms Hyslop said,

“I understand that the severity of the recent weather has caused serious difficulties to those in West Lothian, but ScotRail must improve their communications for commuters.

“I have personally fallen victim to the lack of transport in West Lothian along with my constituents, having been stranded at Linlithgow station for three and a half hours last week without accurate information on when a suitable train would arrive.

“Even if the news is bad news, if trains are not running or not stopping in Linlithgow, commuters need to be aware to plan their journey.”

The situation in Linlithgow was raised by John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth in giving evidence in parliament last week. (1)

Ms Hyslop continued,

“Between December 1st – 9th, 1.3 million people logged on to ScotRail’s website either to find out if their train was running or to check for an update of any delayed or cancelled trains, however members of the public were only notified of changes only moments before they happened.

“That is why I have written to ScotRail on behalf of my constituents to appeal for better communication with the public with regards to their train services.

“The new Transport Minister has also released a 6 point plan to offer help to constituents as the bad weather threatens to return. (2)

“ScotRail staff are working exceptionally hard through this difficult time and with improved communication via their website or through station tannoys, the people of West Lothian will be able to have much safer and more efficient journeys.”

1. To read John Swinney’s comments in Tuesday’s Transport Committee click here:

2. See the Scottish Government’s 6 point plan here: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2010/12/14154036