‘Diabetes’ Campaign Response

The SNP is firmly committed to support people living with diabetes during this pandemic and beyond.

The SNP want everyone to eat well and be a healthy weight and is clear that no one living with diabetes should be left behind. The ambitious and wide-ranging action to address this challenge are set out in the Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery plan.

During the pandemic, the SNP Scottish Government has published specific Covid-19 advice for people living with diabetes and has been working closely with Diabetes Scotland on how they can best support people living with diabetes during this difficult time, with specific programmes in place in Scotland to support those with Type 2 Diabetes – for control, support weight management and achieve potential remission. 

The SNP recognises that while much focus has been given to the direct health impacts of Covid, we must also work together to shift our focus towards reducing inequalities and preventing ill health. 

Improving diet and levels of healthy weight is an absolute public health priority and we have pledged to significantly reduce diet-related health inequalities and to aim to halve childhood obesity by 2030. 

The SNP has also committed to make Active Schools programmes free for all children by the end of the next parliament, to continue to improve nutritional standards for food and drink in schools, and to bring forward legislation to restrict the use of promotions on food and drink high in fat, sugar and salt over the next parliament.

Fiona Hyslop