‘Marie Curie’ Campaign Response

If re-elected, the SNP will immediately begin work on introducing a National Care Service, to deliver better and more consistent care across the country – as well as a National Wage for care staff.

Providing high quality, person centred care for people towards the end of life is an important priority for me and the SNP. I believe that good care at the end of life requires collaborative, multi-disciplinary support, which is why Integration Authorities have been given statutory responsibility for meeting this need.

Due to the challenges associated with the pandemic, we are seeing more people being cared for in community and homely settings. That is why last year the SNP Government provided additional resource to Integration Authorities to help ensure that those being cared for in the community, including those with palliative care needs, have access to the right services at the right time.

I want people to get the care and support that is right for them and enable them to stay in their local community for as long as possible.

Recognising the impact bereavement can have on people’s lives, the SNP in Government has taken forward work to improve the care available for people experiencing bereavement. However, it is important to recognise bereavement support should be reflective of the circumstances of the individual and their family. There is therefore a broad spectrum of work underway across Scottish Government to support people who have experienced a bereavement.

As we look to recover from the pandemic, the SNP is committed to working with key stakeholders to reflect on all of our experiences during the pandemic and focus on the lessons learned to inform any future palliative and end of life care service development work.

Fiona Hyslop