‘Pregnancy and Baby Charities Network’ Campaign Response

The SNP want every child born and resident in Scotland to have the best start in life and is firmly committed to improving maternity and perinatal care across Scotland.

The safe remobilisation of pregnancy, maternity and neonatal care and support services remain a key priority for the SNP Scottish Government and we have issued remobilisation guidance to health boards for maternity and neonatal services.

If re-elected we will develop and implement a Women’s Health Plan aiming to improve care services and reduce health inequalities.

The SNP will review midwifery and health visiting pathways for new families and babies, improve access to practical breastfeeding support, physical therapy advice, increase postpartum and mental wellbeing support, and ensure maternity departments have dedicated facilities for women who are experiencing unexpected pregnancy complications.

If re-elected, we will also establish a dignified, compassionate miscarriage service tailored to the needs of women supporting the development of individualised care plans after a woman’s first miscarriage; as well as emulate New Zealand where families who experience miscarriage or stillbirth are entitled to 3 days of paid leave by delivering this within the public sector and calling on the UK Government to make the necessary changes to employment law to make it available for everyone.

The SNP Scottish Government’s Baby Box has already provided tens of thousands of new parents with essential items for a baby’s first weeks and months – ensuring every baby born in Scotland has an equal start in life – and we are committed to explore ways in which the Baby Box can be used to further promote women’s health and support parental mental health.

Fiona Hyslop