‘ScotLink’ Campaign Response

Wildlife, natural habitats and biodiversity are one of Scotland’s largest social and cultural assets.

Under the SNP-led Scottish Government, we have taken several crucial steps to protect our environment. As a climate leader on the world stage, we have already played a special part in international negotiations on the new global biodiversity framework, leading to the publication of the Edinburgh Declaration.

The twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change means that the next Scottish Government must go further. The SNP is the only party with bold and progressive policies to protect and expand Scotland’s natural environment.

If re-elected, we will invest an additional £500 million in our natural economy to help tackle the biodiversity crisis. This significant investment sits within a wider framework for climate policy such as doubling our world-leading Climate Justice Fund to £24 million over four years and £250 million to support 250,000 hectares of Scottish peatland.

We remain committed to supporting our rural economies by protecting at least 30% of Scotland’s land by 2030, and we will ensure that every Local Authority area will have a Nature Network of locally driven ecological projects.

The need to tackle the climate emergency has never been more urgent. If re-elected, the SNP will continue to push for ambitious policy in the run up to COP26 to showcase Scotland’s climate leadership. 

Fiona Hyslop