‘Scottish Care Manifesto’ Campaign Response

If re-elected, the SNP will take forward the recommendations of the independent Feeley review into social care and create a new National Care Service for Scotland.

The independent review of social care gives us a clear road map, with 53 recommendations for the future of care provision in Scotland. Among the Feeley review recommendations is the creation of a National Care Service and the scrapping of non-residential social care charges – and we’re going to deliver.

If re-elected, the SNP will; 

  • create a National Care Service with the same esteem as our fantastic NHS;
  • increase investment in social care by 25%, over £840 million; and
  • introduce a National Wage for carers and national pay bargaining for social care staff. 

The SNP have already taken a number of important steps to improve social care through the introduction of health and social care integration, self-directed support, and the Carers’ Act.

Finally, we will also support the new NHS Centre for Sustainable Delivery to pioneer and deliver new, better and more sustainable ways of working across the NHS and social care, and fully harness the benefits of technology and new treatments.

Fiona Hyslop