‘Versus Arthritis’ Campaign Response

In Government, the SNP has been funding and working with NHS Scotland to ensure everyone living with chronic pain is able to access the best possible care and support, and benefit from healthcare services that are safe, effective and put people at the centre of their care.

We set up the National Advisory Committee for Chronic Pain in 2017 to advise the Scottish Government on chronic pain and inform effective policy development.

An SNP Scottish Government will continue to work with Versus Arthritis and everyone interested in the matter to make sure that we do everything that we can to support people with arthritis into the labour market and, if they are already in work, to remain in employment.

The SNP in Government launched ‘A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People’ which included £3 million of funding for the active and independent living improvement programme. That programme helps to ensure that those who develop health conditions such as arthritis while in employment can find the support that they need to stay in work. 

The SNP in Government has also committed to exploring new ways of integrating health, disability and employment support in Scotland to ensure that people can find their way quickly to the tailored and person-centred support that they need.

The Scottish Government’s NHS re-mobilisation framework sets out how paused services will be resumed, and we are working with the NHS and all relevant stakeholders to ensure this happens as quickly and as safely as possible.

Nationally we have also produced tailored advice and guidance to help people self-manage their condition and access local and online support services, including those provided by Versus Arthritis.

Fiona Hyslop