‘Victim Support’ Campaign Response

I, alongside the SNP, believe that victims’ rights should be at the very heart of the criminal justice system. For this reason the SNP set up the Victims Taskforce to improve support, advice and information for victims of crime and remain committed to supporting its work over the next parliament.

If re-elected, an SNP Government will appoint a Victims’ Commissioner to provide an independent voice for victims and witnesses and review the provision of victim services.

Furthermore, an SNP Government will develop a new funding regime for victim support organisations and introduce a justice-specific knowledge and skills framework for trauma informed practice.

In recognition of the fact that involvement with the justice system can be particularly difficult for children, the SNP will ensure that child victims and witnesses will have access to a Bairns’ Hoose by 2025. This is based on the internationally renowned Barnahus model and means all the care and support a child and their family needs will be delivered under one roof.

The SNP believe that restorative justice should be available to all who wish to use it, at a time that is appropriate to the circumstances and individuals involved. If re-elected, an SNP Government will ensure that restorative justice services are widely available across Scotland by 2023.

Fiona Hyslop