Fiona Hyslop Pushes for Progress with St Michaels

Local Linlithgow Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop, has written to the Chair of the West Lothian Integration Joint Board following their decision in August to keep services at St Michael’s Hospital closed. Fiona has asked for clarification on the Board’s plans for the Hospital and urged them to ensure they keep their promise to connect with the community in any plans for the future.

Fiona commented,

“I have written to the Board asking for an update on their progress to create a ‘sub group’ of Integration Joint Board members, local elected representatives and local groups, as they indicated was their plans at the last IJB meeting in August.

“There are a lot of concerned people in the community, not least the Friends of St Michael’s who are eager to understand what role they will play in securing a positive future for St Michael’s Hospital.

“Having spoken at length to the Friends of St Michael’s and my Constituents over the summer, it is important to highlight that although it was the IJB’s decision to keep St Michael’s closed for its previous service provision, locally this is still considered a temporary closure of the actual Hospital itself and there is much to be discussed with the local community before the Health board make any decisions about the future of St Michael’s Hospital building and the future services it could provide.”

The Integrated Joint Board is made up of representatives of NHS Lothian and West Lothian Council, including locally elected Councillors.