Fiona Hyslop Welcomes Awareness Campaign for Pavement Parking

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency has welcomed a public information campaign which is making people aware that they could soon be fined for parking on the pavement.

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 bans pavement parking, double parking and parking at dropped kerbs, with certain exemptions designated by local authorities – for example to ensure safe access for emergency vehicles. However, from December 11th 2023, Local Authorities can begin enforcing this with fines of £100, or £50 if paid within 14 days.

Fiona commented,

“Drivers who park on the pavement create unnecessary risk for pavement users who are forced on to the road to pass the vehicle. People with mobility issues, visual impairments or parents with buggies or young children all struggle to pass cars parked on pavements.

“Quite simply, pavement parking is unsafe, unfair and illegal. This public information campaign is highlighting these dangers and the fact that divers in West Lothian who park on the pavement after December 11th, could be fined by the Council. 

“This legislation is also a step towards developing local communities that are better able to support active travel and reduce emissions. Edinburgh City Council are set to be the first Council in Scotland to fully use these new powers and West Lothian Council are yet to set out their plans.” 

Fiona launched the campaign in her role as Transport Minister on 20th November 2023.