Fiona Hyslop Welcomes Linlithgow F1 in Schools Groups to Parliament

Fiona Hyslop MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency has welcomed three groups of young primary pupils from Linlithgow to Parliament following their success at the UK National Formula 1 in Schools Championships. Fiona invited the teams to Parliament and organised a tour of the building.

F1 in Schools is a fully-resourced STEM and Design & Technology competition, engaging students through a truly cross-curricular activity. Teams aged 9-11 aim to compete at a Primary Class Regional Final, progressing on to a National Final.

Three teams, two from Low Port Primary and one from Springfield Primary, won at cluster level, allowing them to attend the UK wide Competition. All three teams worked hard to fundraise to attend the event, including securing sponsorship from local businesses and organisations.

Meeting the groups in Parliament, Fiona said;

“I am so delighted for all three teams from Linlithgow to have made it through to the UK Wide Championships of the Formula 1 in Schools STEM competition.

“The local teams, Turbo and Speedy Sharbies from Low Port Primary and Team Thunder Splinter from Springfield Primary were rightly proud of their achievements, which for the Speedy Sharbies and Thunder Splinter also meant taking to the winner’s podium as they placed second and third respectively.

“West Lothian has a great reputation for innovation and creativity particularly when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematic subjects.

“It was great to meet the local Linlithgow teams first hand and hear about their experiences and ideas. Their successes have put Linlithgow on the map, and I can’t wait to see what these talented young people do next.”