Hyslop Backs Plans to Keep Scotland in Single Market

Hyslop Backs Plans to Keep Scotland in Single Market

Local Constituency MSP Fiona Hyslop, who also has responsibility in the Scottish government for International engagement, has backed proposals to keep Scotland in the European Single Market and stop the “national disaster” of a hard Brexit.

The paper – “Scotland’s Place in Europe” – was published on Tuesday, 20 December and outlined the SNP’s determination for Scotland to remain in the European single market. The paper also outlined substantial new powers that should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament as a result of Brexit.

Commenting, Fiona said;

“People in Scotland voted to remain in the EU by an overwhelming 24-point margin – and 58% of those who voted in West Lothian, voted to Remain.

“While we believe that full EU membership remains the best position for Scotland, the SNP have set out compromise proposals which would protect Scotland’s interests and would mitigate the damage Brexit will cause.

“At the heart of our plan is keeping Scotland’s in the European Single Market. That is vital for jobs, investment and our long-term prosperity, which are all seriously threatened by the hard Brexit now championed by the right-wing of the Tory party.

“Some estimates show that after 10 years, a hard Brexit could mean the loss of 80,000 jobs and an average cut in wages of £2,000 a year.

When I was elected in May I vowed to work hard for my constituents and fight for local jobs and stronger communities. One of the most immediate issues to address is to ensure our interests are protected by keeping Scotland in the European Single Market.”