Hyslop Comments on St John’s Children’s Ward Temporary Closure

Hyslop Comments on St John’s Children’s Ward Temporary Closure

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has said;

“I very much share the concerns of my constituents that St John’s Hospital Children’s Ward is to have temporary closure between 8pm – 8am overnight from July 7th. The Health Secretary has made clear that this is temporary because of issues of staffing middle grade doctors over the summer. I am pleased that in her statement the Health Secretary makes it clear she expects to see the full service reinstated.

“On Tuesday (4th July) a cross party meeting was held with senior representatives of NHS Lothian. The meeting was hosted by West Lothian Council and Cllrs and MSPs from across the political spectrum were in attendance.

“Over the course of the 2 hour meeting, there were many detailed questions about, how this situation had arisen again and when normal service could be resumed. It’s fair to say that no elected representative is satisfied that NHS Lothian has not reversed their decision and that no specific date has as yet, been given for the return to normal service.

“I and my SNP colleagues made a substantial submission and won support from the Royal College for the 3-5 year plan for recruitment for sustainable 24/7 services which is now being rolled out but is not yet fully operational. I am seeking a meeting with NHS Lothian to find out when the overnight service is to resume.

“I want to reiterate that this measure is only temporary and that the Children’s Ward is not ‘shutting’ nor is it in need of ‘saving’.  What we need is for the full-time permanent recruitment, that NHS Lothian have planned for, to be completed.”