Hyslop Highlights Youth Link Work in Local Constituency

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Hyslop Highlights Youth Link Work in Local Constituency

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop met with young person Billy Lauderdale and his youth support worker Declan Harrigan to highlight Youth Link work in West Lothian.

More Choices, More Chances supports young people in various stages of their life with school support and working with those who have disengaged from school or with other needs.

Fiona commented;

“It was great to meet Billy and his youth worker Declan at my constituency office in Whitburn and to discuss the youth issues that are important to him and to young people in West Lothian.

“Youth work of this kind is very personal to the young person involved, tailoring any training or support to their specific needs. It can make the world of difference to the life of a young person, not only offering them valuable work and life experience but also in allowing young people to get their confidence back.

“I am more than happy to support projects such as these, their work is invaluable not just to the young people involved but to the entire community and I would commend the youth workers and Youth Link for the hard work they do in West Lothian.”