Hyslop Welcomes 60 New Teachers in West Lothian After SNP Funding Boost

“I welcome the additional 60 new teachers to West Lothian with 28 new primary teachers and 32 new secondary teachers recruited to our schools.”

“As with the rest of the country we have seen recruitment support the recent demands on learning and teaching, but West Lothian has one of the biggest percentages of young people under 19 in any of the Council areas in Scotland, so this additional recruitment of teachers is additionally important.”

The SNP Government pledged £80 million of support this summer to help local authorities with recruitment for the safe re-opening of schools in 2020. Last month’s figures have shown an almost 30% rise in the number of newly-qualified teachers going straight into employment under the SNP’s leadership.

Fiona commented,

“It is vital that local authorities are fully supported, especially in the middle of a pandemic, to ensure that our schools remain safe for pupils, teachers and staff.

“I know many of my constituents have been concerned about the disruption Covid-19 has caused on their children’s education. Due to the SNP Government’s significant investment in education, additional teaching staff will help support schools and compensate for the loss of learning suffered by pupils during lockdown.

“I want to express my appreciation once again for our amazing teachers, and wider schools’ workforce, right here in West Lothian, who are continuing to help ensure our young people receive the education they deserve during these tough times. Your hard work and ability to adapt to the hurdles of Covid-19 have not gone unnoticed.”