Hyslop Welcomes Independence Referendum Bill Consultation

Hyslop Welcomes Independence Referendum Bill Consultation

Hyslop urges constituents to submit to Independence Referendum Bill Consultation to protect Scotland’s Interests

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed a draft bill giving Scotland the ability to reconsider the question of independence before the UK leaves the EU and has urged constituents to respond to the consultation regardless of their views.

The consultation which opened on October 20th will run until January 11th 2017.

Fiona commented,

“The reason for this consultation is very simple – to protect Scottish interests and to ensure that we have every option available to us going forward towards Brexit Britain.

“I have already written to EU Nationals in my constituency highlighting that the Scottish Government will do all it can to allow them to remain in Scotland, where they have chosen to live and work. I have stressed that they are welcome here and they are entitled to have their say in this consultation.

“This consultation shows that the Scottish Government have a clear plan of action for the future. Regardless of your views, I would urge all my constituents to make their hopes for Scotland’s future listened to by submitting to the consultation which will run until January 11th 2017.


You can submit to the consultation here: