Hyslop Welcomes ‘YES’ Campaign

Hyslop Welcomes ‘YES’ Campaign for Scotland
“Scotland’s future will be decided by the people, not the politicians”

Fiona Hyslop MSP for Linlithgow Constituency has attended the launch of the SNP’s ‘YES’ Campaign ahead of the Independence Referendum scheduled for Autumn 2014.

After the launch, Fiona said;

“The Scottish people face an exciting and historic choice in 2014, one which will allow our people to have the opportunity to have the power as a country to create jobs, address fuel prices and to control the money that Scotland raises in tax.

“In the West Lothian, as across Scotland, the debate is just beginning, but it is clear the interest in independence extends throughout the community and across party lines.

“The best people to decide Scotland’s future are the people who care most about Scotland – those who live here. The people will decide Scotland’s future, not the politicians.

“I look forward to the coming months and having the opportunity to debate and discuss independence and what it will mean for West Lothian with my constituents and would urge anyone with any questions to contact me.”