Hyslop Writes to First Bus Over X14 Withdrawl


Local MSP Fiona Hyslop has written to the Managing Director of First Bus Group against the decision to withdraw the X14 bus service from Whitburn to Glasgow claiming it discriminates against older or vulnerable people.

Fiona commented,

“I have been contacted by several constituents from Whitburn and beyond angry that this bus service has been cancelled. Many of the older residents in Whitburn came from Glasgow and came to what was then new housing for the jobs in West Lothian. They still have many family and friends in Glasgow that they travel by bus to see.

“Despite the new train station in Armadale allowing passengers to commute to Glasgow by train, there are those who are in possession of free bus passes and as such will now have to pay for their travel to Glasgow.

“The withdrawal of this service will discriminate against elderly or vulnerable passengers who may not find it as easy to take two separate modes of transport to get to Glasgow, when previously one bus was sufficient.

“I have written to the Managing Director of Firs Bus Services to explain my concerns and asked to see any plans that there may be to introduce a substitute service for my constituents.”