Local MSP Condemns Race Hate Comments

Local MSP Condemns Race Hate Comments

Local Linlithgow MSP Fiona Hyslop has condemned the comments made by 34 year old Colin Robertson from Linlithgow after he was exposed as the man behind the far right extremist blog ‘Millenial Woes’ and a YouTube “vlogger” channel, where he spouts white ­supremacist views and promotes hatred of black people, Jews and women.

Fiona said,

“This type of disgraceful behaviour has no place in society.

“Racism must always be called out and I am glad that this race hate has been exposed.

“People in Linlithgow will be appalled that such hatred was being broadcast from someone in the town and doesn’t reflect the tolerance and respect for others which is the normal character of the place and the people.”