Local MSP, Fiona Hyslop, Highlights ‘Spaces for People’ Consultation

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, encourages West Lothian residents to have their say in the on-going West Lothian Council ‘Spaces for People’ consultation. 

‘Spaces for People’ is a Scottish Government scheme that provided funding for local authorities to promote safe travel.

West Lothian residents are being asked to share their views on the temporary Spaces for People measures that were introduced last year. Measures included temporarily reducing speed limits to either 20mph or 40mph, widening footways, suspending parking and introducing new cycle lanes.

The consultation was launched on the 1st of December and will be open until the end of January 2022.

Fiona commented:

“It is important for local people to have their say on matters which affect the local population, and West Lothian residents can do this through the ‘Spaces for People’ consultation.

“West Lothian Council are seeking people’s views on whether the measures that were put in place should be retained or not. I know many people in West Lothian have varied and different views on the ‘Spaces for People’ measures which were introduced last year, and I would encourage everyone who wants to have their say to take part in the consultation”.