Local MSP Fiona Hyslop speaks on COP26 in Parliament and with Linlithgow Academy pupils

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, spoke during the Scottish Government Debate: Global Ambitions for COP26 on 27th of October, about the importance of a global effort to tackle climate change and highlighted the need for justice and fairness to be at the heart of our ambitions on climate change.

Fiona stressed the importance of working with the Global South, where countries who have done the least to cause climate change face the biggest burden, and the need to learn from those who are experiencing climate change now. 

Additionally, Fiona highlighted that Scotland has some of the most ambitious climate change legislation in the world and as such has a responsibility to lead by example.

However, Fiona stressed that lessons must also be learned from the past, and as she has mentioned in Parliament previously the people of West Lothian have seen industrial transition in the past which has often been unfair and unjust. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that a Just Transition means that no one is left behind, on a global or national level.

Following her speech in Parliament, Fiona met with local modern studies pupils at Linlithgow Academy as part of ‘The Moment’ Event which took place on Friday 29th October and was organised by Globe International, Children’s Parliament and the Scottish Youth Parliament. ‘The Moment’ was set up to allow young people across Scotland to meet with their elected representatives and share their views on the climate emergency and their ideas about what could be done to tackle climate change. During this event Fiona was able to hear from local students to get their views on climate change and answer their questions on the climate and COP26.

Speaking in the debating chamber on Wednesday (October 27th) Fiona said;

“We must raise our eyes beyond the horizon of our own interest and COP must work in leadership as an engine of a global attack on climate emissions, mitigation and adaptation which brings together the Global North and the Global South – there is only one world and there is only this one last chance.

“A Just Transition means ensuring that nobody is left behind globally as well as nationally. It is vital that world leaders listen, engage and understand those who are experiencing climate change now from the countries and people who did the least to cause the climate emergency.

“The Climate Emergency presents us with one big challenge but there are many solutions we must be conscious and non-judgemental of how other countries with different experiences strive for change.

“Scotland and the wider UK who contributed and led the industrial revolution, must listen and embrace and not judge too swiftly those who are following out past path but help and share experience in transitioning to greener energy and technologies.”



Link to the full speech: https://www.scottishparliament.tv/meeting/meeting-of-the-parliament-october-27-2021?clip_start=15:52:27&clip_end=15:57:07