Local MSP, Fiona Hyslop, Welcomes News of Increase in Mental Health Support in GP Surgeries

Fiona Hyslop, MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, welcomes the news that more mental health and wellbeing services will be provided within GP Surgeries and community settings, backed by significant investment of up to £40 million per year.

Patients who need mental health support will find a range of professionals available through their doctor’s surgery, rather than having to rely solely on their GP or a referral elsewhere. These could include mental health nurses, psychologists, peer support workers, occupational therapists, and link workers.

Fiona commented:

“Access to mental health services is so important, and I am pleased that the SNP Government are increasing investment to make services more readily available to those who need these services.

“By having more services in GP Surgeries and community settings, this should ease pressure on mental health services and allow people to access treatment quicker.

“The £40 million funding is part of the SNP Government’s commitment to provide 1,000 additional dedicated mental health staff by 2026.

“The pandemic has impacted many people’s mental health, and I welcome the news of more funding and mental health staff which should benefit the people of West Lothian, as well as all of Scotland.”



Scottish Government release: https://scottishgov-newsroom.prgloo.com/news/increasing-mental-health-support-in-gp-practices