Local MSP Highlights Boardwalk Extension at Local Nature Reserve

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, highlights the extension of boardwalk at the Blawhorn Nature Reserve near Blackridge.

The extended boardwalk has now opened at Blawhorn National Nature Reserve (NNR), which is managed by NatureScot, has now opened giving visitors more opportunities to explore this extraordinary natural area.

The 280m extension was funded by NatureScot and Drumduff Wind Farm, a joint venture by GreenPower and Third Renewables.

Blawhown Moss is one of the best examples of a lowland raised bog in Scotland. The Reserve is in the hills behind Blackridge and is a rare example of raised and blanket bogs, containing over 8,000 years of history within the Bog.

Fiona commented:

“I am pleased to see the boardwalk at Blawhorn Moss extended and have additional seating areas installed.

“This extension will give visitors the opportunity to explore more of the bog, while still protecting this important natural habitat, or have a seat and enjoy the peace, the stunning scenery and the unique wildlife in the reserve.

“Blawhorn Moss is also important in tackling climate change and ensuring we restore peatland bogs across Scotland is key to this. This site near Blackridge in my Constituency is extremely important as active peatland bogs like this one can act like a carbon sink, again helping us to reach out climate change goals.

“With the new extension of the boardwalk at Blawhorn Moss I would encourage my Constituents to visit this incredible site and learn more about the this excellent natural resource which is on our doorstep in West Lothian.”