Local MSP Highlights New Powers to Promote the Safe Use of Fireworks

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, highlights legislation making it a criminal offence for anyone to supply fireworks or other pyrotechnic articles to a child or person under 18, which will come into effect on 10 October.

From this date, attacks on emergency workers using fireworks or pyrotechnics will also become aggravating factors that can be taken into account when courts sentence offenders. These measures are set out in the Fireworks and Pyrotechnic (Scotland) Act 2022 passed by the Scottish Parliament on 29 June.

Fiona said;

“I am very pleased to see these new powers, which have come into place at pace to make it a criminal offence to supply fireworks or other pyrotechnic articles to a child or anyone under 18.

“Fireworks in the wrong hands can cause serious injuries or even prove lethal. Preventing their supply to those under 18 is a welcome step which will bring greater safety to the Scottish public.

“It is also important to ensure the safety of our hard-working 999 crews and ensure they are better protected while at work.

“I am also proud of the work of the Blackburn Bonfire Night Action Group who previously made a contribution to the Criminal Justice Committee in relation to their innovative approach to tackling the misuse of fireworks when the committee visited Blackburn last year.

“These are essential and welcome steps in ensuring fireworks can be used in a safe, predictable and controlled manner and the safety of communities across Scotland is prioritised.”