St. John’s Hospital – Staff Car Parking

Following on-going representation by local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop, on behalf of her constituents who work at St. John’s Hospital, Fiona Hyslop has further highlighted to NHS Lothian the need for greater accessibility to car parking for staff at the hospital.

Availability of staff car parking is a long-standing issue, and in Fiona’s letter to NHS Lothian she highlighted the need for a commitment to improve the current situation, to bring back pre-Covid measures such as the lift share programme and the shuttle service for staff at Livingston FC Stadium. Fiona highlighted that these measures are essential to ensuring the accessibility of car parking and the safety of all staff.

In response, NHS Lothian committed to continuing to host virtual sessions to seek ideas from staff on how they can improve staff car parking. As well as the reinstatement of the car sharing scheme, the park and ride from spaces leased from Livingston Football Club, and the staff shuttle service from the Ladywell Park and Ride at peak times.

Additionally, Ms Hyslop highlighted the need for increasing the overall parking capacity at St. Johns. NHS Lothian has and is reviewing St. John’s Hospital as it will see the development of NHS Lothian’s National Treatment Centre, and as part of this project NHS Lothian will be seeking funding to support additional parking capacity not just for the new services, but for the whole campus.

Fiona commented:

“Staff car parking at St. John’s Hospital is an on-going and longstanding issue which I will continue to engage with NHS Lothian about. Additional measures and car parking is needed to ensure the safety of my constituents who work at St. John’s, and all staff who continue to care for patients.”

“I welcome the commitments made by NHS Lothian to resume pre-Covid car parking measures, including the park and ride and car sharing programme.”

“I am also delighted to hear that NHS Lothian will be seeking funding to support additional car parking capacity, and I hope this is a positive step in tackling the issue for all staff at St. John’s Hospital.”