Update on St John’s Children’s Ward

Update on St John’s Children’s Ward

Hyslop Welcomes Outcome of Independent Lothian Paediatric Review
Independent Review calls for the Retention of 24/7 Services at St Johns

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Local Constituency MSP for Linlithgow, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the Report from the Independent Review of Paediatric Services across Lothian, which has called for the retention of 24/7 services at St John’s Hospital in the short and medium term.

The Review Team’s Report specifically states that, “The Review team`s overarching view is that the population, activity and demand for a full obstetric service in West Lothian merits the retention of inpatient paediatrics at St John`s.

Commenting on the Report, Fiona said;

“This is a fantastic result for the families and young people of West Lothian. The Review Team echoed the concerns and challenges that the West Lothian SNP Group highlighted in our full submission to them in January this year. They have said in their report that ‘The size of the population served, the volume of work carried out, and the need for a full maternity service are strong reasons for this recommendation’ to retain 25/7 Services at St John’s.

“I was also pleased to read that the Report further calls for a Board Level Champion to Chair a ‘Children’s Board to oversee any issues relating to Children’s Services in Lothian and a recommendation that NHS Lothian commit to a 3-5 year strategic plan for the future of St John`s inpatient paediatric service and the workforce that meets the needs of patients and includes investment in new ways of working.

“The West Lothian SNP group met formally with the Review Team in January to highlight the importance of Children’s Services at St John’s and we handed over a comprehensive Submission for them to consider. To my knowledge, other groups chose not to do this and instead chose to scaremonger the West Lothian Public via the media. The difficulties this caused in articulating communications to the public has been noted in the Review Team’s Report and I hope this serves as a strong warning to those who would rather spend their time playing politics with our Children’s Health than contributing to the best possible outcome for our children and young people.

“The NHS Lothian Board is still to make its decision following the recommendations of the Report and I am meeting the CEO next week to impress on him the need to resource the recommendations made.”


To read the Report in full go to:


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Hyslop Welcomes Climate Change Figures Showing 2020 Targets Achieved Early

Hyslop Welcomes Climate Change Figures Showing 2020 Targets Achieved Early

Local Constituency MSP Fiona Hyslop has welcomed news that Scotland has exceeded its world leading climate change targets – six years early.

Fiona commented;

“Scotland is making outstanding progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These statistics show that we not only met the annual 2014 emissions reduction target but also exceeded the level of our world-leading 2020 target for a 42% reduction, six years ahead of schedule.

“I am well aware of the efforts my constituents and organisations like Transition Linlithgow make to tackle Climate Change at home, in school and in our local businesses, and so it’s great to see the impact this is having nationally.

“I spoke about Scotland’s dedication to tackling Climate Change in a debate on the EU Referendum at the Scottish Parliament earlier this month. With climate change one of the defining challenges of our time, there is a real need to cooperate with our neighbours and internationally, so I believe that Scotland and the UK are better off remaining in the European Union.”



New figures show that Scotland exceeded the 2020 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% in 2014. Scotland continues to outperform the rest of the UK, with a 39.5% drop in Scottish source emissions between 1990 and 2014 compared to the UK’s 33% reduction over the same period. Scotland is one of the leading countries in Western Europe for reducing emissions.

The latest climate change statistics show Scotland’s emissions, for reporting against targets, have fallen by 12.5% year on year to 41.9 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) in 2014.

This is a reduction of 45.8% from the 1990 baseline.

Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2014: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2016/06/2307

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Hyslop Calls for Open and Fair Airspace Consultation

For Immediate Use:
Monday, 6th June 2016

Hyslop Calls for Open and Fair Airspace Consultation

Following the announcement today (Monday, 6th June) that Edinburgh Airport are about to carry out a two stage Airspace Consultation, local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has called for an open and fair process.

Fiona, who conducted a comprehensive survey with 2,000 local residents replying, said;

“Following the serious concerns about how Edinburgh Airport handled the recent flight path trial, it is vital that they learn the lessons and ensure that this consultation is open, fair and transparent and not just a rubber stamp for the TUTUR route. I understand that the first part of the consultation is to look at the wider issue of airspace use and for the Airport to look at the use of existing paths which have also been the subject of concern.

“The importance and values of Edinburgh Airport in terms of providing jobs and stimulating the local and national economy is well understood and appreciated but the impact of noise disturbance on local communities has to be responded to in a fair, open and transparent way.

“It is essential that my constituents in West Lothian engage with this consultation and make their views heard.”


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Fiona Hyslop leads Holyrood debate with 106:8 MSPs voting in favour of Remaining in the EU

Friday, 27 May 2016

Fiona Hyslop leads Holyrood debate with 106:8 MSPs voting in favour of Remaining in the EU

Fiona Hyslop MSP in her role as Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs in the Scottish Government led a debate in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 25th May on a Government motion in support of Scotland and the rest of the UK remaining part of the EU which was won by 106 to 8.

The outcome reaffirmed a commitment across the chamber to ensure the EU focuses on what matters to the people of Scotland.
Fiona said;

“I am pleased that an overwhelming majority of MSPs voted in favour of remaining within the EU and that the Leaders of all parties elected in May support the remain position. The EU protects workers rights, maternity rights, the right not to be discriminated against, freedom to live, study, work trade or travel and has given us access to the single market of 500 million people.

“The EU is founded on the principles of solidarity and mutual support. It is much more than a simple trade association. It is based on the principles of strengthening peace, security, justice and prosperity for all.

“The EU is not perfect, but it is a remarkable achievement. Over six decades it has secured co-operation over conflict. It has pursued a shared sense of collaboration, exchange and purposeful endeavour to work in concert to advance the interests not just of our own population but of the world. It is on that positive basis that the Scottish Government’s view is that Scotland and the rest of the UK should remain in the EU.”

To read Fiona’s speech in full click here.

Government Motion:
*S5M-00190 Fiona Hyslop: Scotland’s Future in the European Union—That the Parliament supports

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Fiona Hyslop MSP Cabinet Secretary for Education


Fiona Hyslop has been re-elected as MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency with 19,362 votes – receiving over 50% of the vote across the constituency and doubling her majority over Labour to 9,335.

She secured the second highest number of votes for the SNP in the country in this one of the biggest seats in the country. The SNP have now secured an historic third term in Government – something no other party in Scotland has been able to achieve at Holyrood.

Speaking after the result was declared Fiona said;

“It is an enormous privilege to be re-elected for the Linlithgow Constituency.

“We ran a positive campaign setting out what the SNP would do for the country and I what I would seek to achieve for my constituents.

“I worked extremely hard with my superb, enthusiastic and committed campaign team to earn the vote of the people of West Lothian, campaigning and meeting local people in every corner of the constituency. I am delighted to have received such a positive response to the SNP’s message.

“I will now continue to work hard to deliver for the people and communities across West Lothian. We have such great people with great potential here and as we enter into the SNP’s historic third term in Government, I want to take the views and priorities of my constituents to the heart of Holyrood and work with them to improve the lives of the people of West Lothian.



BOYD MOOHAN, Angela (Scottish Labour) – 10,027

FARTHING-SYKES, Dan (Scottish Liberal Democrats) – 1,319

HYSLOP, Fiona (Scottish National Party) – 19,362

KENNEDY, Charles (Scottish Conservatives) – 7,699

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Fiona Hyslop MSP – Letter to Infrastructure Secretary on Flooding at Wester Inch

Keith Brown MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment & Cities
St. Andrew’s House
Regent Road

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016

Dear Keith,

I write to you on behalf of my many constituents affected by the devastating floods in the Wester Inch community of Bathgate over the past week to seek your assurances that the Scottish Government will lend their full support in ensuring the immediate safety of residents and assist in the longer term recovery.

You will be aware that during the morning of 24 February a major water pipe ruptured severely flooding Meikle Inch Lane. Following an emergency repair only 4 days later at night on Saturday 27 February the same pipeline ruptured at another point causing the same area to be again flooded. This is the 3rd time in 4 years that residents have had to face this issue.

I visited the site on the morning of Sunday 28 February and I saw first-hand the devastation and heartache this flooding has caused. I spoke with residents and Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer, Scottish Water.

It is now essential that there is a permanent repair carried out as a matter of urgency and Scottish Water treats this as an investment priority. Anything that can be done must be done to protect those affected and assist them in rebuilding their lives. Can you reassure me that this will be treated as an investment priority? Is it possible to document this in an amendment to Scottish Water’s quarterly investment plans?

There are immediate concerns of the sustainability of the back-up supply to 20,000+ residents in surrounding areas as an implication of this and my constituents are very concerned about any temporary repair and re-opening of a pipe that has failed with devastating effect twice in a week.

At the community meeting I attended on the afternoon of Sunday 28 February residents raised a number of concerns about the insurability and ability to mortgage/re-mortgage or sell properties in future. They also wanted an immediate emergency hotline and website presence and a warning system about the affected pipe.

I would be grateful for any interventions you can make in assisting my constituents and ensuring Scottish Water take every necessary action in the immediate and medium term.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Hyslop MSP

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Hyslop Visits Wester Inch site after flooding and calls for urgent investment


Hyslop Visits Wester Inch Site after Flooding and calls for urgent investment

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has called for the safety and security of her constituents to be the utmost priority following a visit to the flood affected site at Wester Inch.

On Sunday she spoke with affected residents and Peter Farrer Chief Operating Officer of Scottish Water who was there on site. She also attended the packed community meeting on the Sunday afternoon at Simpsons Primary School.

Fiona Hyslop commented:

“When I visited the site at the weekend I saw first hand the devastation and heartache this flooding has caused. It is essential that there is a permanent repair done and I will be demanding that Scottish Water treats this as an investment priority.

“Scottish Water gave a commitment that they will support and compensate residents and said that there will be a significantly improved service compared with the flooding situation in 2012. Peter Farrer said on Sunday that “this pipe is not fit for purpose” and Scottish Water agreed that it is extremely important that they take away any risk for residents for the future.

“I will be making sure that the Scottish Government Ministers are informed and in the immediate next few days we need to ensure there is no risk to the residents. I am aware that 25,000 other properties rely on accessing water from these pipes and are currently being supplied by other means but the situation may not be sustainable. It is essential that piece of mind, safety and security of Wester Inch residents is not jeopardised.

“It is also essential that basic accommodation and support is provided to my constituents many of whom have lost so much. To be flooded once was a dreadful experience, twice was devastating but a third time is completely unacceptable.

“It is vital for the safety and security of my constituents and their properties that this matter is given the priority it deserves.”


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Local MSP for Linlithgow Constituency Fiona Hyslop responds to publication of Edinburgh Airport Report

Local MSP for Linlithgow Constituency Fiona Hyslop responds to publication of Edinburgh Airport Report

Fiona commented:

“I have noted the report released this week by Edinburgh Airport regarding the trial flight path of the TUTUR route, in particular their points made regarding Community Complaints. I am pleased that Edinburgh Airport have acknowledged the need to engage more with the community and that they acknowledge that there has been substantial noise disturbance to many local residents.

“I am concerned however that the Report only refers to the complaints received via their own microsite when clearly the Airport are also in possession of the concerns of over 2000 people who completed my survey, the submitted petition from hundreds of Uphall and Dechmont residents which I handed to the Airport Chief Executive personally and a number of other petitions which were sent to the Airport from other MSPs and interested parties. It is simply incorrect to say that the complaints have only come from a small number of people – even if this is what their own complaints microsite has shown.

“It is clear that although existing flight routes may not have changed, the types of aircraft flying the original TALLA and GOSAM routes have changed with more jets flying on the GOSAM route in particular and so compounded the noise heard on the TUTUR route – explaining why local residents can still hear unacceptable levels of noise despite the TUTUR route ending.

“There is still some way to go to dissuade Edinburgh Airport of the need for the TUTUR route but I am pleased that when I met with Edinburgh Airport at the end of January they agreed to consider other options after having seen the results from my flight path survey conducted over the summer.”


Results of Fiona Hyslop’s Survey:


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MSPs Focus on Positive Outcome of Health Review

MSPs Focus on Positive Outcome of Health Review

With regards to the ongoing story about the NHS Lothian Health Review, Fiona Hyslop said;

“My focus as local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency is to make the case first and foremost for Children’s services at St John’s. That is I what have done with my SNP colleagues in a 2 hour meeting with the independent Review team where we set out well researched evidence in a comprehensive Report presented to them.

“With an above average 20% of West Lothian’s population under 15 and with new housing attracting more families to West Lothian we need strong local health services. The clinical support overnight at St John’s underpins maternity and special baby care services and the connection between provision makes a strong case to maintain overnight paediatric services in hospital. With 40% of all Lothian births taking place at St John’s Hospital, they need to look at the overall picture of the contribution of the Children’s Wards to pan-Lothian health care.

“This is an independent review – independent of any political party and any timelines are between the independent Review and NHS Lothian and the fact that The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child’s Health advised that not all of the Royal College’s independent expert review team would be able to start work before January rather than the originally envisaged November, is a matter for them. My constituents don’t want to see political arguments about process they want to see a positive response from the independent Review group and that is what I will be focusing my attention on.

“I would urge my constituents to share their views on the pan Lothian review of paediatric services by completing the survey online at

The full submission Report from SNP MSPs, MPs and the Council Group can made available on request.


The survey will be confidential and anonymous and will run throughout the term of the review, although ideally responses should be completed by February 14th.
Additional information on the review can be found on the RCPCH website at


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Hyslop Welcomes £160m to Help First Time Buyers in West Lothian

Hyslop Welcomes £160m to Help First Time Buyers in West Lothian

Local Constituency MSP for Linlithgow has welcomed the announcement that the Scottish Government will invest more than £160 million in 2016-17 on schemes that will help people across West Lothian buy their first home.

Commenting, Fiona said;

“I am delighted that the Scottish government will continue to help people in West Lothian purchase their first home with £160 million of funding across Scotland this year.This funding will be targeted at people on low incomes and will be vital for young people and their families looking to get on and up the housing ladder.

“These schemes don’t just boost homeownership but boost house building – creating jobs and supporting economic growth.

“Applications for the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme open on March 1st and I would encourage eligible people in West Lothian looking to buy their first home to apply.”


More details on the Scottish Government announcement can be found here: http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Fresh-help-for-home-buyers-2190.aspx
More information about Help to Buy, including purchasing price limits, is available at: www.gov.scot/htb
For OMSE, priority access is provided to social renters, disabled people, members of the armed forces, veterans who have left the armed forces within the past two years, and widows, widowers and other partners of service personnel for up to two years after their partner has been killed while serving in the armed forces. http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Built-Environment/Housing/BuyingSelling/lift/FTBOMSEP

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