‘Action for Jobs’ Campaign Response

The SNP and I agree wholeheartedly with the STUC on devolving employment law which would allow Scotland to ditch Westminster’s anti-workers’ agenda, put fair work at the heart of our economy and stop practices such as ‘fire and rehire’.

If re-elected, we will use devolved powers to support a Living Hours accreditation programme similar to our Living Wage scheme; establish a £10 million fund to allow companies to pilot a four day working week; and review our Fair Work First criteria for contracts and grants to include specific reference to fire and rehire tactics.

An SNP Government will continue to push for greater borrowing powers. With the powers we have at present, the Scottish National Investment Bank will be given £1bn to deliver economic, social and environmental returns.

Furthermore, if re-elected, the SNP will bring Scotrail into public hands from next year; develop our National Care Service; and create a National Infrastructure Company to manage and develop public assets for public good.

We will start work to provide a Minimum Income Guarantee for all incorporating the idea of Universal Basic Services and prepare for this to be introduced with the powers of independence.

Finally, we will publish a Retail Strategy to help the sector in Scotland change, innovate and thrive, and become an exemplar in inclusive growth, supporting a robust, local supply chain and offering people and communities the goods, experiences and services they want.

Fiona Hyslop