‘Epilepsy Scotland’ Campaign Response

The SNP remain committed to improving neurological care and support in Scotland, including for people with epilepsy.

There are a number of challenges that neurological conditions present the health and social care system and, while much has been achieved and is being done to address this, more can always be done.

That is why the SNP Government published a five-year action plan, running until 2025, to support people with a neurological condition. The action plan, supported by £4.5 million, contains five overarching aims and 17 commitments to support improvements that span health and social care.

The action plan, which was developed with the neurological community, will ensure people get access to personalised care and support regardless of their particular condition or where in Scotland they live. The plan also aims to build a sustainable neurological workforce to deliver high standards of care in a timely manner.

On 24 March, the SNP Government announced £730,000 for 16 projects to help innovative projects which harness new techniques and technology to help people living with neurological conditions.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has brought this past year, implementing the commitments of the Neurological Framework remains a priority for myself and the SNP in Government.

The SNP Government has been listening to experiences such as those highlighted by Epilepsy Scotland and if re-elected, we will use these views to inform how we move into the recovery phase.

Fiona Hyslop