‘More for Scotland’s Animals’ Campaign Response

The SNP takes the issue of animal welfare very seriously and has delivered a number of improvements to animal welfare in recent years.

Most recently, the Animals and Wildlife (Scotland) Act 2020 increased the available penalties for the most serious offences against kept animals and wildlife. 

Legislation for a modern licensing system for dog, cat and rabbit breeders, pet sellers, animal sanctuaries and animal rehoming activities was approved by the Scottish Parliament in February. The regulations also end the third-party sale of puppies and kittens. 

From 1 July 2021, CCTV coverage will be mandatory for all areas where live animals are present.

With a focus on the pandemic, the SNP Government were not able to bring forward the proposed fox control Bill in the timetable originally planned. However, we remain committed to introducing legislation on fox control and intend to do so in the next Parliament.

The managed reintroduction of beavers demonstrates the SNP’s commitment to protecting and enhancing biodiversity. It is illegal to kill or trap beavers unless a person has the necessary licence from NatureScot. 

Additionally, the SNP and I recognise animal welfare concerns about trapping and snaring. The SNP accept the need for greater regulation of the use of traps for land management purposes in Scotland and will introduce tighter regulations governing the use of traps on grouse moors as part of licensing proposals.

Fiona Hyslop