‘Right to Stay’ Campaign Response

I believe that the UK Government’s hostile approach to migration is failing Scotland, and putting our economy and vital public services on the line.  

The EU Settlement Scheme is a product of a Tory Government, who disregard the fact that some EU nationals, who call Scotland their home, face the threat of losing their right to live and work here.

If Boris Johnson hadn’t dragged Scotland out of the EU against our will, there would be no need for a settlement scheme. However, the danger is that much worse will follow in July after the deadline for applications passes and people are stripped of their rights overnight.

This includes EU nationals who have been at the front line of the effort against the pandemic, including in Scotland’s health and Social Care sector. This would be an insult to them and severely risk Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic.

This election is a stark choice – a fairer, more progressive Scotland within the EU – or placing Scotland’s future at risk under Boris Johnson’s Tory Government.

Fiona Hyslop