‘Royal College of Occupational Therapists’ Campaign Response

The SNP will increase NHS Scotland funding by 20% in the next parliament. We will also increase social care funding by 25%, and investment in mental health services by 25%. 

The SNP will create a National Care Service by the end of the next parliament, that will be of equal statutory status as NHS Scotland. This will enable the Scottish Government to improve conditions and pay throughout the sector, and recognise the vital importance of the care sector in Scotland. 

The SNP will also build on the success of the community link worker programme, to ensure that every GP Practice in the country has access to a dedicated mental wellbeing link worker, creating a network of 1000 additional dedicated staff who can help grow community mental health and help direct social prescribing. 

Additionally, the SNP will offer mental health first aid training to all public sector employees. 

Mental health is one of the most important public health issues facing Scotland today. We will ensure at least 1% of frontline NHS spending is directed to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) support and services by the end of the parliament.

Equal access to rehabilitation is vital to people living with long term conditions, or recovering after an accident, operation, or illness, in order for them to live as well and independently as possible. This is why the SNP will create a “Right to Rehab” by the end of the next Scottish parliament, as called for by the Right to Rehab Coalition. 

The range of specialist care provided by the range of Allied Health Professionals, such as occupational therapists, in our NHS is vital to the well-being of many; ensuring we have the right skills to deliver on priorities such as the right to rehab and that our primary care services are supported by a truly multidisciplinary team. 

Finally, we will review Scotland’s future needs in order to shape how Allied Health Professional training is expanded in the next parliament.

Fiona Hyslop