‘Scotland’s Vitamin D Crisis’ Campaign Response

The SNP recognise the need for vitamin D, that is why Scottish Government guidelines recommend that all Scots consider vitamin D supplements during winter months. 

The Scottish Government’s guidelines also recommend the consumption of vitamin D supplements year round by groups at higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency, such as pregnant women, infants and children under 5, those who are housebound or cover their skin for cultural reasons, and those with darker skin. 

Breastfeeding women and children under 12 months in Scotland can get vitamin D supplements containing their daily recommended amount. 

During the pandemic, the SNP Scottish Government offered people on the shielding list a free four-month supply of vitamin D from December to March to support them through extended periods without access to as much sunlight. Over 71,000 people requested the supply. 

In the last parliament, we implemented NHS Pharmacy First Scotland, which places care in the community as the heart and centre of preventative and health care in Scotland. Pharmacists can provide vitamin D supplements over the counter throughout Scotland, and the Pharmacy First scheme will enable more Scots to seek non-GP advice on issues such as vitamin D deficiency. 

To encourage Scots to be outdoors more, and generally encourage good health and fitness, the SNP will commit 10% of the transport budget in the next parliament to active travel. This will improve fitness, reduce carbon emissions, and increase our exposure to sunlight.

If re-elected we will continue our work in ensuring those with vitamin D deficiency are properly supported. 

Fiona Hyslop