‘Social Economy Pledge’ Campaign Response

The SNP is delighted to support the #SocialEconomyPledge prepared by some of our country’s most valued NGOs and coordinated by Social Enterprise Scotland.

My priority for the Scottish Government is tackling Covid-19 and delivering a strong, fair and green recovery for Scotland and it is clear the third sector will be central to achieving the wellbeing economy and renewal we all want to see. 

The SNP recognise the vital role of charities, social enterprises and community groups in supporting and empowering the most excluded and at-risk in society and, if re-elected, we look forward to continuing our partnership approach in government with a strong sector.

In particular, we look forward to working with the sector to implement our wellbeing agenda and our policy pledges so far, whether it be the 4% pay rise for NHS staff, 100,000 affordable homes, free school meals and computers for pupils, or more generous social security provisions with dignity and fairness at our heart.

We also look forward to Scotland continuing to lead in social enterprise internationally and, having delivered one of the world’s first wellbeing budgets as well as co-founding the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership, we hope to work further with the sector to keep Scotland at the forefront of world wellbeing development.

Fiona Hyslop