‘Support the Taxi Trade’ Campaign Response

Taxi drivers have played a crucial role in Scotland’s public transport system and I applaud their additional support during the Coronavirus pandemic in providing urgent transport for key workers.

This is why the Scottish Government introduced a fund to support approximately 38,000 taxi and private hire drivers affected by the pandemic.

We have also delayed the introduction of LEZs to support taxi drivers, and we are supporting the retrofit of emissions abatement measures to vehicles which do not currently meet LEZ emissions requirements.

An additional local authority grant is also available, and drivers in Aberdeen, Angus and Dundee have already benefited from this additional support.

If re-elected, the SNP will give taxi firms a £10,00 grant plus taxi drivers will receive a second grant of £1,500.

We will continue to support the taxi trade by augmenting existing support. As Scotland recovers from the pandemic, taxi drivers and private hires will not be left behind.

Fiona Hyslop