‘Woodlands Trust Manifesto’ Campaign Response

Trees, woodlands and the natural environment are an essential social, economic and environmental asset to Scotland. Protecting this landscape is also key to tackling the climate emergency and supporting jobs in this sector. This is why the SNP are proud to put this issue at the centre of our election commitments so that Scotland’s woodlands can expand and flourish. 

In Government, the SNP has made significant strides in protecting and expanding Scotland’s woodlands. We have smashed our yearly 10,000 hectare tree planting target, with 11,200 hectares of new woodland planted in a year. In 2019-20, we are proud to have exceeded this target in the Climate Change Plan. 

Alongside our bold plan to plant 22 million trees a year, an SNP Government would continue to take forward the Scottish Government’s Forestry Strategy which sets out a long-term framework to ensure these issues are addressed in targeted policy, such as the Forestry Grant Scheme. 

The SNP is eager to take our ambitions even further and if re-elected we are happy to commit to restoring and expanding woodland cover, preventing overgrazing, encouraging greening of urban centres, promoting sustainable land management, and supporting the health and wellbeing of both urban and rural communities. 

Scotland’s woods have a distinct role to play in delivering the SNP’s vision of a more sustainable and greener country. If-elected, we will continue to fulfil our duty to protect our natural environment and the benefits they deliver to communities all over Scotland. 

Fiona Hyslop