Hyslop Condemns UK Government Welfare Cuts that Drive Foodbank Use

Hyslop Condemns UK Government Welfare Cuts that Drive Foodbank Use

5,776 emergency food supplies provided to families in West Lothian

Local Linlithgow Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop, has condemned the UK Government’s Universal Credit delays saying that they are driving the use of foodbanks in West Lothian

The number of emergency parcels handed out by food banks in Scotland rose by nearly a quarter over the last year, according to the UK’s largest food bank provider. In West Lothian 5,776 of three-day emergency food supplies were provided to people in crisis by food banks, 2,073 of those were to children.

The food bank provider said that issues with the Tories flagship welfare reform Universal Credit were a “key driver” of increasing food poverty.

Fiona said;

“Westminster’s failing Universal Credit has been nothing short of disastrous for my constituents.

“The figures released by the Trussell Trust today – that 5,776 families in West Lothian received three-day emergency food supplies – are clear evidence of the UK Government driving Scottish people into poverty.

“In a country as wealthy as ours it’s unacceptable that emergency parcels and food banks have become so commonplace and have this year been necessary to help 2,073 children in West Lothian.

“It is unacceptable for the UK government to keep side-lining this issue while families go hungry. I am disgusted and disappointed at the UK Government’s actions to target the most vulnerable in our society and I will continue to do whatever I can to help protect low income households in West Lothian.”




The Trussell Trust said its food banks provided more than 210,000 packages to people in crisis in 2018-19 – up 23% from the previous year.


In Scotland, 42% of food bank referrals made due to a delay in benefits were linked to Universal Credit.


DWP ministers recently admitted the direct link between Universal Credit and soaring foodbank use – something which Tory MSPs have consistently denied.