Artist Lari Don Speaking at Imagine Scotland Café in Bathgate

Artist Lari Don Speaking at Imagine Scotland Café in Bathgate

Talented Children’s Writer Lari Don will be leading an informal café discussion on the Independence Referendum this Saturday. (June 14th) Leading Women for
Independence Campaigner and Blogger Kate Higgins will also be there to facilitate the event.

The Imagine Scotland Events are the brain child of International Playwright David Greig and Famous Singer/Songwriter Karine Polwart and offer a space to allow people to talk about what matters most to them and what they’d like to change about the Scotland they live in. It also gives people the chance to air their concerns and doubts about change. The café offers the opportunity to imagine better kinds of Scotland in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Speaking about past Imagine Scotland events, Karine Polwart said:

“As working writers and yes supporters, we are simply offering another possible way of bringing people into discussions.

“We have a hunch that question panels and formal, adversarial debate, though really powerful and essential, cut out a lot of people from discussion about the referendum. Especially women.”

David Greig added;
“Sometimes people just want a safe, convivial space to talk about independence and the country they want to live in.

“They don’t want to be preached at, or to listen to quarrels. They would like to hear thoughtful reflections on where we are and where we’re going and they’d like to be listened to.

“Karine and I hope that by asking folk to think about Scotland we’ll awaken in them the sense that they have some power over its future; that what they think matters. We hope that people will become open to the possibility of a yes vote as a means towards achieving the democratic power to enable them to push for the changes they hope to see.”

If you have ideas and hopes for Scotland, you can join in the discussion to imagine the Scotland you want to live in.


What: Imagine Scotland Café with Lari Don
Where: Bathgate Regal Theatre, Studio Space
When: Saturday, 21st June, 1.30-3.30pm