Hyslop Reveals over 64% of Surveyed Residents Want Flight Path Trial Ended

Hyslop Reveals over 64% of Surveyed Residents Want Flight Path Trial Ended

2,000 contact Local MSP from Survey

Local Constituency MSP Fiona Hyslop has shared the results of the survey she conducted in August and September on the views of her constituents relating to the new flight path trial from Edinburgh Airport.

Fiona said;

“After collating the significant amount of information that constituents residing in areas of West Lothian affected by the new Flight Path have sent me, I am now able to have a much clearer idea of not only which area has been most affected but also what issues are most important to those who have been affected by the disruption.

“I have now received almost 2000 survey responses, over 64% of residents who responded have said they want the trial flight path ended. This rose to 79% in Uphall alone – one of the most affected areas.

“It is abundantly clear that the majority of residents who took the survey wanted the trial to stop and, thanks to the force of the campaign, Edinburgh Airport has now announced a trial suspension by October 28th – almost two months earlier than planned. At the Public Meeting on September 16th I also received confirmation form Edinburgh Airport that they will not move straight from the trial to the consultation and continue flying aircraft on this route.

“The response to my survey has been significant and it really shows the disruption and unhappiness among constituents. I am still processing the surveys and I plan to submit a report with the rest of the date from the surveys to send to both Edinburgh Airport and the Civil Aviation Authority in the coming weeks.”