Fiona Addresses Flight Path Noise

Fiona Addresses Flight Path Noise

Local MSP Fiona Hyslop has contacted Edinburgh Airport after a number of constituents approached her regarding noise levels caused by the new trial flight path particularly over Broxburn and Uphall.

Fiona said;

“I met with airport bosses back in early June to discuss what the proposed new flight path, which will run from June 25th – Dec 23rd 2015, meant for my constituents. They gave me a commitment to monitor sound levels and tracking the planes to ensure they remained en route to minimise the impact on residents.

“Given the recent correspondence I have received from constituents in the last week, I have written to airport bosses to request that they move sound monitors into the Broxburn/Uphall area once they have gathered the necessary information from the noise monitors currently placed in Ochiltree.

“I know that airport staff are keen to receive feedback from residents and so I would encourage my constituents to contact the airport at (address) and let them know if they have been impacted by the new flight path.”


Editor Info:
The flight path is being run for 6 months to assess impact. It is the first new air space route out of a UK airport for 40 years and is intended to increase flights leaving the airport from one every two minutes to one every one minute to deal with increasing business and flights at the airport.