Fiona Hyslop, Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, comments on Petroineos proposal to close its refinery at Grangemouth

Fiona said,

“The proposal made by Petroineos Grangemouth to cease activity as a refinery in 2025 and move to develop as a fuel importation terminal and port will affect many of my Constituents who work at the plant.  I was pleased to see local Constituency MSP Michelle Thomson raise an urgent question in Parliament last week and I, along with other MSPs and MPs, attended a briefing from the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Neil Gray, on the issue on Friday.

I understand this will be causing significant concern for workers and their families. The Scottish Government will work with the UK Government and the company in supporting workers at Grangemouth and to identify a way forward to keep jobs and skills in the area .

I understand that local MSP Michelle Thomson and local MP Martyn Day have been engaging with Petroineos, trade unions and Government Ministers on this issue and will continue to do so, seeking a long-term solution which needs to include a just transition and a way to keep the many highly skilled jobs in the area. This could be possible, for example, in new sustainable fuels, biofuels and the hydrogen and carbon capture potential of the Acorn Project.”