Fiona Hyslop Lodges Parliament Motion for Official Opening of West Lothian Cycle Circuit

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, has lodged a motion in Parliament highlighting the official opening of the West Lothian Cycle Circuit on Saturday, 27th May and congratulation the Linlithgow Community Development Trust for their work in creating and completing this excellent site.

The 1KM floodlit Cycle Circuit began construction in September 2022 and will be ready and open in time for the UCI World Cycling Championships taking place in Scotland this summer.

“I have been a keen supporter of the new cycle circuit since plans for the site at Kettlestoun were first announced, and I was pleased to convene a meeting of national funding bodies to help them see the potential in this community led initiative, which also received Scottish Government Funding as part of the upcoming UCI World Cycling Championships later this year.

“I am really delighted to see the completion of the Cycle Circuit, having watched its development over the last eight months. The cycle Circuit will be accessible to all and there will be activities and cycling opportunities for all ages at the official open day on Saturday 27th May.

“I want to extend my sincere thanks and congratulations to the Linlithgow Community Development Trust and to the Clarion Cycle Club for their vision and determination in making the West Lothian cycle Circuit a reality.”

For more information about the open day visit: West Lothian Cycle Circuit – A world class facility: let’s get more people cycling


Fiona’s motion in full:

Official Opening of the West Lothian Cycle Circuit – 27th May 2023 That the Parliament congratulates Linlithgow Community Development Trust on their hard work and dedication to cycling in securing the West Lothian Cycle Circuit officially opening on Saturday 27th May 2023; notes that this is in time for the UCI World Cycling Championship this summer allowing competitors to use the track as an official qualifying and training ground; further notes that the 1km floodlit Cycle Circuit has a focus on accessibility for all, giving everyone in West Lothian and beyond the opportunity to access a safe, traffic free cycling environment, regardless of age or ability; acknowledges the work undertaken by Linlithgow Community Development Trust and local cycle group the Clarion Club to ensure the creation and completion of this site; thanks National funding bodies including the Scottish Government for being able to see the potential in this excellent community led initiative; and celebrates all those coming out to cycle in their new Cycle Circuit on Sunday 27th May