Fiona Hyslop Marks Business in the Community’s 40th Anniversary at Parliament

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, has sponsored an event at the Scottish Parliament marking the 40th Anniversary of Business in the Community, the largest and longest established membership organisation dedicated to responsible business in the UK. The event also celebrated their work in creating fair, green and sustainable environments to work.

The Reception at Holyrood included stalls with showcased the organisations Fair Work and Inclusivity programmes and there were around a hundred representatives from different businesses and communities from across the country in attendance.

Following the event, Fiona commented,

“Bringing together business and the communities in which they serve is key to building on our social and economic strengths.

“As a member of the Economy and Fair Work Committee and the Deputy Convener of the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee, I was very pleased to highlight the important work of the Business in the Community organisation and celebrate their successes in Responsible Business in Action for the last 40 years.

“Responsible business is good for society, the environment and the economy and inclusion, education through skill sharing and empowerment supports our community organisations and businesses. I would like to wish Scottish Business in the Community who are celebrating their 40th anniversary well as they continue their work in the future.”