Fiona Hyslop Meets Minister in Ongoing Audiology Issue

Fiona Hyslop MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency has met with the Scottish Government Minister for Public Health, Jenni Minto MSP, in relation to NHS Lothian’s 2021 Review of their Paediatric Audiology Service which identified that a number of children were not promptly diagnosed as deaf as babies. Fiona, along with other Lothian MSPs, met with the Minister to ensure that the late-diagnosed deaf children get the support that they need. Fiona also spoke in a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the issue earlier this year.

Following the meeting Fiona commented,

“I was pleased to meet with the Minister for Public Health, Jenni Minto, to relay the voices of parents and families of FLAAG (Families failed by Lothian Audiology Action Group) who have been impacted by this serious failing within NHS Lothian. This was an important step for all those involved.

“However there may still be others who have been affected that NHS Lothian are not currently aware of, and so I would urge parents or carers who suspect their child may have been impacted by this situation to contact NHS Lothian’s official helpline on 08088 008880 to ensure they receive the proper support.”