Fiona Hyslop MSP Welcomes Linlithgow – Bo’ness Road A803 Safety Measures

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, has welcomed the recent changes and assessments which has taken place on a dangerous stretch of road that links Linlithgow to Bo’ness on A803 at the M9 Junction 3 slip roads.

The A803, where it meets the M9 at junction 3, has been the subject of many complaints, concerns and issues raised over the years including drivers trying to access the M9 at the ‘No entry’ sign. Fiona had previously convened a meeting with representatives from West Lothian Council, Falkirk Council and Police Scotland in the past to find a way forward following a number of dangerous and tragic accidents on the road.

In a recent response to Fiona’s latest letter raising concerns, West Lothian Council have confirmed that a site visit was undertaken by officers who witnessed many of the issues that had been raised by Fiona and her constituents. They observed that the signing for the northbound traffic joining the M9 eastbound is positioned immediately before the off-slip road. This sign is positioned low and was partially obscured by vegetation. Despite the presence of ‘No Entry’ signs on both sides of the slip road, ‘No Entry’ road markings on the carriageway and a supplementary sign directing M9 traffic straight ahead, road users were still attempting to join the M9 via the off-slip road.

They also observed road users who did proceed northwards to the M9 on-slip road were overshooting the right turn road markings onto the slip road resulting in having to make a tight right turn at the other side of the traffic island at slow speed, resulting in a number of vehicle conflicts.

As a result, a meeting has been arranged with the Trunk Road Operator, BEAR Scotland, to discuss the current accident situation with a view to agreeing any minor improvements that may be required. They have already cut back the vegetation that was partially obscuring the signs.  

Fiona said,

“This has been a long-standing issue and one I have personally been involved in for some time. I am very pleased to hear that progress is being made for driver’s safety on this section of the road.

“I look forward to hearing the outcome of the meeting both local Councils have scheduled with BEAR Scotland which should improve this dangerous section of the road for all vehicle users.”