Fiona Hyslop Renews Calls for Council to Support Winchburgh Partnership Centre following NHS Support for Services

WLHSCP Agrees Winchburgh is a ‘Priority area’ for Additional Health Services

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, has welcomed the news that West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership recognises that additional health care facilities in Winchburgh will be necessary to meet the needs of the growing population. This news comes following a meeting Fiona had with the WLHSCP and NHS Lothian at the end of January and after Fiona wrote to the Chief Executive of NHS Lothian to highlight her concerns that West Lothian Council had reneged on their commitment to building a new Partnership Centre which would house such health services, alongside other Council services.

Fiona is calling again for West Lothian Council to re-commit their support to building a Partnership Centre that includes these vital health services.

Fiona Hyslop has written to West Lothian Council previously, however they are still refusing to build a Partnership Centre as part of the Winchburgh Development Plan despite previously promising one would be built.

Fiona commented,

“I am pleased that WLHSCP understands the need for additional medical services in in Winchburgh as the population continues to grow. I am also pleased that they have commenced a Strategic Primary Care Services and Premises Review and stated that they are aware that Winchburgh is a priority area in West Lothian.

“As part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, the Scottish Government allocated £50m to enable the schools and housing to be built in Winchburgh and to ensure the growing town had adequate infrastructure. The NHS recognises that greater health services will need to be delivered, the Developers have allocated and secured necessary land the only key partner dragging their feet, is West Lothian Council. ‘

“These are important services for the growing community in Winchburgh and considering West Lothian Council initially promised to build a new Partnership Centre that would include a new GP surgery – and many residents purchased homes in the town based on promises of full public services provision – It is vital that the Council re-commit to ensuring it remains part of the Winchburgh Development plans.

“I have written to Councillor Lawrence Fitzpatrick calling on him as Leader of the Council to follow through on the Council’s previous commitment to deliver a Partnership Centre and I will continue to campaign in support of my constituents in Winchburgh so they can receive the services they were promised.”