Fiona Hyslop Sends 42 Page Comprehensive Report to Civil Aviation Authority

Fiona Hyslop Sends 42 Page Comprehensive Report to Civil Aviation Authority

“2,000 Voices Against Flight Path Cannot be Ignored”

Local Constituency MSP for Linlithgow, Fiona Hyslop has sent a Report to the CAA containing the results of her survey on the Proposed TUTR flight path route from Edinburgh Airport which was trialled between June 25th and October 28th 2015.

The Report details the 2,000 plus specific results and complaints from constituents in relation to the disruption caused by the new flight path which affected Uphall, Broxburn, Dechmont, Ecclesmachan, Bridgend, Philpstoun and the Springfield area of Linlithgow.

Fiona commented,

“I am asking the CAA to bear in mind that although they will receive a report from Edinburgh Airport stating that the complaints they received have originated from a small number of residents who have repeatedly complained, Edinburgh Airport did not proactively contact each individual resident as I have. Therefore any decision that the CAA come to must take into consideration the 2,000 plus views that I have collated from my survey.

“Edinburgh Airport had the opportunity to contact all residents in West Lothian to notify them of the new flight path prior to it starting but they chose not to. As a result they are misinformed about the level and severity of the disruption. My Report goes a long way to ensure the CAA are aware of the real issues behind this proposed flight path and the actual effects it has had on my constituents, rather than simply stating the results from two temporary noise monitors as Edinburgh Airport propose to do.”