Fiona Hyslop Welcomes Proposed Misogyny Bill

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, has welcomed the Scottish Government’s proposals for a Bill which will make misogynistic harassment a crime. The Bill will implement the recommendations of the Working Group chaired by Baroness Helena Kennedy KC to create new offences related to misogynistic conduct, providing Police Scotland with new powers to hold to account perpetrators of misogynistic behaviours which can denigrate women and reinforce barriers to an equal society.

Fiona commented,

“As a backbench MSP I asked questions of the Scottish Government and its plans for a Misogyny Bill and how in particular the Government planned to tackle gender based harassment in schools. I am pleased to support the introduction of this Bill which will make misogynistic harassment a specific crime.

“Women and girls are subjected to misogynistic behaviour in public places, in schools and at work and the impact of this can be severe and long lasting.

“There is no place for misogynistic threats, abuse or harassment of women and girls in modern Scotland and this proposed Bill sends a clear sign that this behaviour will not be tolerated.”