Hyslop Calls for Open and Fair Airspace Consultation

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Monday, 6th June 2016

Hyslop Calls for Open and Fair Airspace Consultation

Following the announcement today (Monday, 6th June) that Edinburgh Airport are about to carry out a two stage Airspace Consultation, local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has called for an open and fair process.

Fiona, who conducted a comprehensive survey with 2,000 local residents replying, said;

“Following the serious concerns about how Edinburgh Airport handled the recent flight path trial, it is vital that they learn the lessons and ensure that this consultation is open, fair and transparent and not just a rubber stamp for the TUTUR route. I understand that the first part of the consultation is to look at the wider issue of airspace use and for the Airport to look at the use of existing paths which have also been the subject of concern.

“The importance and values of Edinburgh Airport in terms of providing jobs and stimulating the local and national economy is well understood and appreciated but the impact of noise disturbance on local communities has to be responded to in a fair, open and transparent way.

“It is essential that my constituents in West Lothian engage with this consultation and make their views heard.”