Hyslop Calls on Tesco to Rethink Contract Decision which will Impact Hundreds of Workers at Local Distribution Centre

Tesco are attempting to force approximately 280 staff at the West Lothian distribution centre to agree to new contracts which will deduct their retained pay which was part of their legally agreed contracts when they joined Tesco.

This change in contract will translate into an individual monetary loss of thousands of pounds for affected employees.

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop, convened a meeting with the UK Director of Distribution and Fulfilment for Tesco along with local MSP Angela Constance and MP Hannah Bardell.

Hyslop raised concerns on behalf of those affected, and she has called on Tesco to rethink this decision which will have a negative impact on several long-serving members of staff within the constituency.

Fiona commented,

“I am extremely disappointed that Tesco have broken legal pay arrangements for staff. I find this an extremely concerning situation which appears to be taking advantage of employees during the ongoing global pandemic. During this difficult time, workers for Tesco have gone above and beyond to keep the country functioning.

“I took this meeting as an opportunity to represent my constituents and to urge Tesco to reach a solution which reflects the loyalty and long-standing commitment of their employees.

“In this meeting I highlighted the importance of the work carried out at this distribution centre, and the benefit it brings to everyone in West Lothian. I also stressed how essential food distribution is, regardless of Covid-19, Brexit or weather, for the community, local and national economy.

“I am concerned that the ‘fire and re-hire’ scheme is falling disproportionately on the Livingston depot. In the meeting I voiced that Tesco’s reasoning and explanations, or rather excuses, about pay system changes were completely and utterly unconvincing.

I also called on Tesco to pause and rethink on this decision which will affect hundreds of loyal and hardworking constituents. I, along with Hannah Bardell MP and Angela Constance MSP, will continue to pursue this.”