Hyslop Clarifies Winchburgh Tunnel Rail Link Work

Hyslop Clarifies Winchburgh Tunnel Rail Link Work
Local MSP Fiona Hyslop has confirmed that the comprehensive £650m EGIP Programme which will update Central Scotland’s transport links will not see passengers travelling between Linlithgow, Falkirk, Stirling, Dunblane and Edinburgh without transport for 12 weeks.

Fiona said;

“I wrote to the Minister for Transport last week (Monday Sept 30th) asking for clarification on the issue. I am pleased to confirm that in his response, Mr Keith Brown assured me that the upgrade project will not see passengers without train travel for 12 weeks as some reports have indicated.”

In his letter the Transport Minister said;

“It has been mis-reported that the required electrification works will see the Winchburgh Tunnel closed for up to 12 weeks with passengers left without a service.

“I can confirm that Network Rail, having examined all the options in the interests of minimising disruption, have advised that a closure will be necessary. However they also advise that this closure will be significantly less than the reported 12 weeks, with the works being carried out in the summer months and all connections maintained via diversionary routes to minimise disruption, which is in everyone’s interest.”